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7/3/2015 6:37:00 PM

A:  Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but here’s another reason you should make the effort: Smoking is more than just a cause of bad breath — it significantly raises your risk of developing oral cancer, which includes cancer of the mouth, throat, salivary glands, tongue or lip. In the early stages oral and throat cancers can […]

6/22/2015 5:25:14 PM

A: If you don’t want any unpredictable tooth movement, the answer is forever.  After orthodontic treatment, the ligaments around your teeth still have “memory” and want to move back to their original position.  A retainer will help keep your teeth in the optimal position achieve through orthodontics.  As more time passes, your teeth will generally […]

6/10/2015 6:22:00 PM

A: The risk of carious lesion or cavities may be heightened in certain individuals due to many variables: 1.  Saliva – quality and quantity can vary depending on how much water is consumed during the day, certain medications and medical conditions can decrease the output of saliva.  Saliva is very important to help dilute acid […]

6/9/2015 6:13:31 PM

A:  When you are looking to find the right dentist, keep in mind that dental care is very personal. Therefore your neighbour’s or colleague’s dentistmight not be an ideal match for you. Here are a few things worth considering as you search: Convenience:  Is the dentist‘s office conveniently located near your home or office? Do the […]

5/20/2015 3:26:08 PM

A: Optical transillumination using infrared light from a laser can help a dentist determine whether a tooth has a carious lesion or the start of demineralization (early cavity).  It is one of many tools that a dentist can use to help diagnose decay in your mouth.  The data collected from the laser, along with recent […]

5/7/2015 12:13:20 AM

A.  Your tongue can tell a clinician a lot about your health, In fact, scientists in India have developed a test to help detect what the tongue indicates about a person’s health. It can spot 14 different conditions. Turns out the tongue can signal signs of a cough, fever, jaundice, headache or bowel habits, and help […]

3/17/2015 2:33:09 AM

A: Many offices do not let the parent(s) into the operatory due to parental fear transfer.  Dental fear and anxiety transfer is very common when the parent has had a fearful or traumatic dental visit in their past.  They transfer this fear with their body language and certain verbal ques such as “Sally, be brave […]

3/10/2015 4:10:05 PM

A:  Cracks can be caused by decay, grinding at night, trauma or having a large filling which eventually weakens the tooth. A: Cracked teeth show a variety of symptoms, including sharp and/or erratic pain on chewing, possibly with release of biting pressure or when exposed to temperature extremes. The pain may come and go and […]

3/10/2015 4:06:45 PM

A:  Immediately after extraction, the bone height and width of the alveolar ridge begins to resorb.  Since the bone is the scaffolding for the gums, the tissue will look less esthetic and start to create a food trap as the bone resorbs away. The lips and cheek will get less support from the area due […]

2/10/2015 8:42:04 PM

If you think that the various news stories declaring the cavity fighting powers of red wine are too good to be true, you are right to be skeptical. Despite assertions, it turns out that drinking red wine has not actually been shown to be good for your teeth. The stories were based on a study […]

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