Penticton Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry - Enamel Dental Centre

General Dentistry
– white fillings, preventative dentistry, crowns, and bridges 

Cosmetic Dentistry – veneers, whitening, smile makeover, digital smile enhancement, smile consultation, cosmetic gum surgery, laser dentistry, radiosurgery, invisalign, and implant dentistry 

Neuromuscular Dentistry/TMD Therapy – clicking/popping jaw joints with headaches can be treated with orthotics to recreate a comfortable bite. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction – using implants, crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures following the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. 

Nobel Biocare implants – After using our dental CT scanner, a virtual surgery can be planned for implant placement to secure crowns, bridges, or dentures.  

Mini dental implants – secure your dentures with a minimally invasive procedure, often lasting just a few hours 

Advanced soft tissue and bone grafting – sinus lifts, block grafts, connective tissue grafting to improve implant recipient sites 

3D CT Scanner – generates a 3D image of your jaw for diagnosis and implant surgery planning 

Digital x-rays (1/10 the dose of non digital x-rays) – everything in the office is digital. 

Lumineers – prep free, painless veneers 

Root Canal Therapy – high tech single visit, often completed in less than 45 minutes 

BioPAK – Electromyography, Electrognathography, and Joint Vibrational Analysis – state of the art diagnostic equipment for patients suffering with TMD (jaw joint disorder)  

TSCAN – computer aided bite analysis – to get your bite physiologically right every time

Sleep Dentistry – to aid anxious patients using oral conscious sedation techniques.

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